I used Cheap Charlie’s Tree Service to remove a monster from a tree; they were great! Nothing was messed up, the guys were really respectful, and the front office was very helpful, no doubt. I reuse them. The last tree service I used was horrible. I’ll just call myself Charlie from now on!


I have had many estimates from other companies; Cheap Charlie’s is the cheapest. They come and do the job when they say they will, and they do exactly what they said they would do. I would definitely recommend this company.


I’ve had three trees cut down recently. The work done by this service is more than satisfying; it is fast, clean, and professional. I would highly recommend this service. They are the best prices in town.


Cheap Charlie’s did a job for me and did a great job. The guys are very professional and polite. I was amazed at how quickly they did the job and how perfect the cleaning was. I was shopping around and found the company with the best prices and was amazed at how good they are!


A Complete Tree Services provider in Brisbane

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