We are a team of professional arborists who have chiseled and completely removed hundreds of tree stumps across the Redland Shire. With such experience, our team of tree growers is well suited to removing any type of stump or providing stump grinding services to the Redland Shire in any type of setting or property.

Stump grinding eliminates trip hazards and provides a stable environment for property improvements. Same Day Tree Works offers stand-alone tree stump grinding services along with a combo service that involves removing the tree and its trunk. You may have your reasons for removing stumps or grinding them, and as experienced arborists, we understand the importance of getting rid of them completely.

The cost of Stump Grinding Services in Redland Shire

Same Day Tree Works guarantees the lowest prices and exceptional service to our customers. We believe that the most profitable way of doing business is to provide reliable, first-class service to our loyal customers and win new customers through referrals from existing customers. Because we operate primarily on a word of mouth basis, this allows us to offer you high quality stump grinding in the Redland Shire at a lower fee. Our team never compromises on quality for a lower price. Before determining quantity or price, we evaluate the landscape and test the tree’s stump. This allows us to assess the time and effort required to safely remove or shred the tree and provides you with the most accurate removal quote.

Allow Our Redland Shire Arborists to Perform Stump Grinding Services

Our professional stump grinding services in the Redland Shire process include grinding the stump itself and grinding an extra foot of surrounding soil to reach the roots. If necessary, we will also grind even larger areas to remove unsightly or troublesome superficial roots. Stump grinding machines are available in different sizes for removing small to large stumps.

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